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Shannon Romano
Mark Romano

Motivation Medics is a pioneering force in the field of long-term care support, founded by Shannon and Mark Romano. With an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the way care aides are equipped to handle the emotional demands of their roles, Motivation Medics is dedicated to fostering healthier and more resilient caregiving environments.

Shannon Romano's personal connection to long-term care, inspired by her mother's legacy as a care aide and activity coordinator, ignited her passion to enhance the well-being of caregivers. Armed with over 15 years of interdisciplinary experience, Shannon's expertise lies in empowering staff to navigate the emotional challenges inherent in long-term care. Her background in gerontology and clinical social work forms the bedrock of Motivation Medics' mission.

Mark Romano's journey commenced as a volunteer in a long-term care facility, propelling him to become a certified care aide. He embraced his entrepreneurial spirit by establishing the first private home support service in his community. Guided by his steadfast dedication, Mark cultivated a skilled team of care aides and honed a deep understanding of their needs.

Motivation Medics' comprehensive approach includes innovative strategies including onboarding support, workplace counseling, continuous learning, and inclusive caregiving. By prioritizing emotional resilience training, Motivation Medics minimizes turnover rates and absenteeism, leading to improved staff retention and significant cost savings for long-term care providers.

The Romano duo's vision, combined with their extensive hands-on experience, positions Motivation Medics at the forefront of advancing caregiving practices in the realm of long-term care. Their commitment to empowering care aides ensures a brighter future for both caregivers and those they compassionately serve.

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