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At Motivation Medics, we understand that the wellbeing of long-term care staff is paramount to delivering exceptional care to residents. Introducing our groundbreaking Care Aide Onboarding and Support Services, thoughtfully designed to specifically cater to the unique challenges faced by care aides and support workers. This onboarding is offered virtually twice a week, providing essential awareness and support for managing grief, burnout, anxiety, insomnia, empathy fatigue, moral injury, and vicarious trauma. 

Specialized Care Aide Onboarding

Our program begins with specialized onboarding tailored to the emotional demands of the long-term care setting. Care aides will be well-prepared to navigate their roles with confidence.

Combat Burnout and Anxiety

Recognizing the high-stress nature of their work, we offer strategies to manage burnout and anxiety effectively.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Recognizing the importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace, we offer comprehensive training sessions tailored for care aides. These sessions promote an understanding of different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives, ensuring that all residents receive compassionate and respectful care. 

Support for Grief, Trauma & Empathy Fatigue

Our certified counselors have advanced training in managing grief, vicarious trauma, moral injury, and empathy fatigue. They provide a safe and familiar space for care aides to process and heal.

Insomnia Management

Shiftwork is hard, sleep is vital for overall wellbeing.

Our program includes tips and techniques to address and overcome insomnia, ensuring care aides get the rest they need.

Grief Debreif

A virtual group facilitated by certified grief counsellors where health care assistants and support workers can safely express and process difficult emotions related to on the job events. 

Employer of Choice Program
Become an "Employer of Choice" 

by providing our innovative Onboarding and Support Service. This flexible, cost-effective, and accessible program fosters inclusiveness, diversity, and staff retention while promoting mental wellness.

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