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Common Mental Health Challenges for Internationally Recruited Staff

Internationally recruited staff in Canada's long-term care sector often face unique mental health challenges, rooted in the transition to a new cultural and working environment. These challenges include:

1. Cultural Adjustment: Navigating a new cultural landscape can be daunting, leading to feelings of isolation and disconnection.

2. Language Barriers: Communication difficulties can exacerbate stress and impact job performance and social interactions.

3. Professional Isolation: Limited professional networks and support systems can lead to feelings of professional isolation.

4. Discrimination and Bias: Experiences of discrimination or bias in the workplace can significantly affect mental health.

5. Work-Life Balance: Long and irregular hours, combined with the emotional demands of caregiving, can strain personal time and relationships.

Addressing these challenges requires comprehensive support systems, including access to culturally sensitive mental health services, language support, and initiatives aimed at fostering inclusion and belonging within the workplace.

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