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Top 3 Strategies to Become an
Employer of Choice in Long-Term Care

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We save long-term care providers money by preparing care aides with the emotional resilience required to keep them healthy on the job. Emotional resilience training prepares care aides for the high prevalence of grief, loss and death that they witness in their role. Our services minimize costs associated with sick time, injury and staff turnover.

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Shannon & Mark Romano Co-founders of Motivation Medics


Our Services

Our services are specifically designed to prepare your staff with the skills they need to retain employment in long-term care. Our services start at onboarding and are followed up with ongoing support for your staff's mental health needs through peer learning and support programs, and one-on-one counselling. Contact us today to take advantage of our efficient, forward-thinking training and support services

Areas of Care

Our Focus...

Social & Emotional Learning

Care aides with higher social and emotional skills have improved interactions with residents, families and colleagues, and enjoy a higher rate of job satisfaction.

Our Focus...

Onboarding Support  

Preparing care aides for the emotional demand of their role prevents early turnover. A good onboarding experience builds the foundation for high staff retention.

Our Focus...

Workplace Counselling Support

Acknowledging the psychological impact of witnessing a high rate of death, grief and loss is essential to care aides wellness and retention. Counselling support reduces absenteeism and staff turnover related to empathy fatigue and burnout.  

Our Focus...

​​Continuous Learning & Reinforcement

Motivation Medics stand behind managers to reinforce the training and strategies provided with continued access to our materials and consultation.

The Motivation Medics Team

Shannon Romano

Shannon was inspired to work in long-term care by her mother who was a care aide and eventually the activity coordinator at the facility where she worked for more than 20 years. Shannon spent many hours of her young adulthood volunteering at this facility, getting to know the residents and staff. It was this early experience that influenced her to focus her post-secondary studies on gerontology and clinical social work.  Today, with more than 15 years of experience on interdisciplinary teams, Shannon is committed to improving how we care for adults in long-term care by supporting  staff to stay healthy amidst the emotional demand of their role. 

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Mark Romano

Mark began his career as a volunteer at a long-term care facility in 1998.  Instantly drawn to the field, Mark went to college and became a certified care aide and true to his entrepreneurial roots, began the first private home support service in his community. As the business grew, he developed and managed a quality team of care aides.

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Don't take our word for it ...
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"The East Kootenay Division of Family Practice has worked with Shannon Romano of Motivation Medics Inc. to establish a prototype Social Worker Support Program for Family Physicians. Shannon was a great ambassador for the program, promoting it in the community and through conference presentations."

Russell Workun

Interim Executive Director

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