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Maximize Staff Retention with our
Onboarding and Support Services

At Motivation Medics, we specialize in strengthening the mental resilience of your care team. Equip your staff with unparalleled tools and support, ensuring not just their wellbeing, but also the highest standards of care delivery in your facility. Invest in their mental health today and witness a transformation in resident care tomorrow.

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High Staff Turnover 

The cycle of staff turnover in long-term care facilities is not just a managerial headache – it comes at a substantial cost. On average, training a new care aide can cost up to 30% of their annual salary, not to mention the indirect costs associated with the time it takes for a new care aide to become fully competent in their role. But the ramifications extend beyond the balance sheet. A constantly changing team disrupts continuity of care. Residents in LTC facilities thrive on consistency and the trusted relationships they build with their caregivers. High turnover rates fracture these bonds, potentially compromising the quality of care and overall satisfaction.

We understand the issues that lead to high staff turnover in long term care:
Caregiver burnout being the most commo

How can Motivation Medics Help?

Our services can provide benefits to long term care facilities


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"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shannon for the past year. Overall, I’d describe it as a seamless experience. Shannon has consistently demonstrated professionalism, conscientiousness, and reliability. Her involvement in our upcoming projects has led to improved services for our clients. I feel very fortunate to have Shannon on our team!"


Cherie La Rocque, PhD

Clinical Lead

Western Canada & Ontario

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"The East Kootenay Division of Family Practice has worked with Shannon Romano of Motivation Medics Inc. to establish a prototype Social Worker Support Program for Family Physicians. Shannon was a great ambassador for the program, promoting it in the community and through conference presentations."


Russell Workun

Interim Executive Director

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"I just wanted to express to you both our sincere thanks for hosting our continuing education workshop for our Hospice volunteers and Staff. Not only was your presentation professional, but we really enjoyed the way you drew out our volunteers in a way that they were able to express their true feeling and experiences which benefited everyone."


Sylvia Pawlitzki

Coordinator of Volunteers 

Onboarding Support 

Preparing care aides for the emotional demand of their role prevents early turnover. A good onboarding experience builds the foundation for high staff retention.

Workplace Counselling Support

Acknowledging the psychological impact of witnessing a high rate of death, grief and loss is essential to care aides wellness and retention. Counselling support reduces absenteeism and staff turnover related to empathy fatigue and burnout.  

Continuous Learning & Reinforcement

Motivation Medics stand behind managers to reinforce the training and strategies provided with continued access to our materials and consultation.

 Fostering Inclusive Caregiving 

By incorporating Diversity and Sensitivity Training, caregivers develop advanced social and emotional literacy that leads to improved interactions with residents, families, and colleagues. This holistic approach not only promotes inclusivity but also enhances overall job satisfaction.

About Motivation Medics

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Our comprehensive approach includes innovative strategies with onboarding support, workplace counseling, continuous learning, and inclusive caregiving. By prioritizing emotional resilience training, Motivation Medics minimizes turnover rates and absenteeism, leading to improved staff retention and significant cost savings for long-term care providers.


The Romano duo's vision, combined with their extensive hands-on experience, positions Motivation Medics at the forefront of advancing caregiving practices in the realm of long-term care. Their commitment to empowering care aides ensures a brighter future for both caregivers and those they compassionately serve.

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